Top 7 Best Beyblade Launchers 2023 (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Top 7 Best Beyblade Launchers 2023 (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Looking for a simple and easy-to-use Beyblade launcher for your kids? Or perhaps, you want one for yourself that can powerful launches? With many models on the market, finding a launcher that meets your expectations can be challenging.

Besides, these units come in different designs. For instance, some models only allow for a right spin while others support both left and right. On the other hand, some launchers are compatible with most Beyblades, but others just a few. You will also realize that some units offer better grip than their counterparts.

So then, how do you tell which is the best Beyblade launcher? Below is a list of our top picks and a guide to help you choose the best one for your needs.

What Is A Beyblade Launcher Called?

Initially, it was called a shooter or simply a Japanese Shooter. Perhaps because the device is designed to let you launch your Bey top just like a shooter, you can also refer to the device as BeyLauncher. Additionally, it goes by other names depending on its design.

For instance, you can call it a ripcord launcher. This is because it uses a ripcord or some sort of string to make the launches. Other names include string launcher, light launcher, spin launcher, BurstLauncher, and digital launcher.

What Are The Different Types of Beyblade Launchers?

Yes. The best beyblade with launcher options comes in different designs and types. These include:

  1. Spin launchers
  2. Ripcord launchers
  3. String-type launchers
  4. Burst launchers
  5. Metal launchers

What Are The Different Types of Beyblade Launchers?

01. Spin launchers

Spin launchers are built to rotate in different directions. Some will spin in the right or left direction and others in the left-right direction.

02. Ripcord launchers

This type of Beyblade launcher produces power once you pull the cord back and then release the spinning top.

03. String-type launchers

String-type launchers feature a t-shaped handle supported by string for ease of launching your Beyblade. You just pull the string back as hard as possible to launch your blade.

04. Burst launchers

Burst launchers are built to burst with power, making them extremely powerful. However, you can only use them with the newest series of Beyblade Burst.

05. Metal launchers

Compared to all types of Beyblade launchers, metal launchers are the most powerful of them all. As such, you need some level of skill to use them correctly.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Beyblade Launcher

Bey launchers come in different designs, models, and sizes. So, what is the best Beyblade launcher? Here are some factors to consider before making your purchase.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Beyblade Launcher

1. User/purpose

The first thing you must factor in is who will be using the launcher and for what purpose. If it’s your kid just learning how to launch, a simple launcher will be enough. However, if the launcher is for an avid Beyblade player, I suggest investing in a more powerful unit. Such a launcher should be adequate to use in serious blade battles.

2. Grip

A Beyblade launcher with a good grip will give you superior control over the launch. However, not every launcher model offers enough grip. If your launcher does not feature any grip, I suggest investing in a long gripper. You just fit your device inside the gripper to get a more comfortable grip.

3. String

The best launcher for Beyblade uses either a string or ripcord for launching. However, some strings are not built with durability compared to others. Therefore, they can easily break off if pulled so hard.

So, make sure the launcher you buy comes with a sturdy string. And the best way to ensure this is by reading customer reviews.

4. Cardboard

If you don’t have the money to buy a new launcher, you can consider making one with just cardboard. However, don’t expect it to be as powerful as a professionally built launcher. But your kids will definitely have fun using it.

5. Add-ons/parts

In searching for the most powerful Beyblade launcher, you will realize that most models are super affordable. This is because they only come as a launcher alone. In other words, you don’t get any add-ons or extra parts besides the manual.

Even so, most manufacturers do provide you with the option of buying add-ons separately, like:

  • Beyblade
  • Stadium
  • Extra launcher
  • Launcher grip

If you want a unique launching experience, I suggest you invest in these add-ons.

6. Material

Another factor to consider is what material your launcher is constructed from. Overall, most models are made from plastic materials. However, some plastics are more durable than others. As such, they can withstand minimal abuse from daily use.

So, I suggest reading what other customers have to say about the durability of a launcher before making a purchase.

7. Compatibility

Additionally, you must consider whether or not the launcher you plan on buying will work with your blades. Because you see, while most Takara Tomy launchers can work with Hasbro blades, the vice versa is not true. Also, not all Hasbro launchers are well-suited for Hasbro Beyblades.

8. Direction of spin

Last but not least, I suggest you consider the direction of spin of your launcher and blade. These include:

  • Left spin
  • Right spin
  • Left and right spin

Most units offer the left and right spin, making them more flexible to use with different blades. However, some launchers will spin only to the right or left, which is okay if engaging in competitive battles.

Our Top 7 Best Beyblade Launcher Reviews

Now, without further ado, check out our review of the best bey launcher options, including their specifications, pros, and cons.

01. Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-88 Bey Launcher LR Toy

51seXF1JikL. SL500

Why It Stands Out to Us

First, it’s because you can use this launcher in two rotations. This means the device can spin either to the right or the left. Even better, you will find the left spin as powerful as the right one.

Our Experience with It

At first glance, we could feel the launcher was made from high-quality plastic materials. Therefore, you can expect it to last a long time as long as you use it properly. The correct way to use this Beyblade best launcher is with a loose but firm grip to ensure a natural release.

Another thing we loved about this launcher was how easy it was to change from right to left modes. You see, under the cord, there is a white tab. All you have to do is pull the white tab to launch a left spin blade. And to launch a right spin Beyblade, you just push the white tab in.

Now, while this launcher is recommended for kids between 13 to 15 years, we did have fun using it. So, even adults can use it because it is such a powerful tool.

What We Didn’t Like

This launcher does not come with a grip. You only get the launcher alone. We had to buy the gripper separately.

The string usually gets stuck, making the launcher unusable. Fortunately, it is easy to fix this problem.

Who Is This Great for

This multi-colored launcher is best suited for kids above 10 years of age and adults alike.

What Could Be Improved

The issue with the string getting caught too often seems to be shared. We hope the manufacturer can solve this once and for all.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color Variations: Multi-colored
  • Dimensions: 2 x 1 x 2 inches


  • Works with metal fusion and plastic blades
  • Easy and safe for use by kids
  • Powerful launcher
  • Quick shipping
  • Strongly built and durable
  • Easy to fix the string if stuck


  • The string is prone to breaking if pulled too hard
  • Only includes a launcher in the package

02. BEYBLADE String Launcher Tops

31y9opsX5UL. SL500

Why It Stands Out to Us

If you are looking for an affordable yet reliable Beyblade best launcher, I suggest you get this unit. For the price, this unit is durably made from quality plastic materials to ensure long-lasting performance. So, you can expect it to withstand abuse from daily use.

Our Experience with It

We were happy to learn that this launcher could easily spin both left and right Beyblades. You just need to insert the ripcord into the side holes. As such, even left-handed players can comfortably use this launcher.

Unlike our top pick, we found this launcher pretty easy to grip. The device fits nicely on small and big hands, ensuring greater control. This, therefore, makes it easy to release. Perhaps this is because of its relatively big size.

Its quality is yet another thing that caught our attention. The zip pull, for example, really felt very sturdy not to break easily. As for the launcher’s body, it is made of solid plastic for superior durability.

What We Didn’t Like

You cannot use the device to launch two blades at once unless you attach another launcher. So, you have to get an extra launcher.

The launcher works with Beyblade burst series battle tops only. In other words, you cannot use it with the Beyblade Burst rip fire tops.

Who Is This Great for

Any child or adult who is so much into Beyblades will love this launcher. And not just because of its ease of use but also its durability.

What Could Be Improved

The launcher should be made compatible with a wide range of blades. It is too big to fit most Beyblades like the metal fusion series.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color Variations: Black and white
  • Dimensions: 1.26 x 3.5 x 7.76 inches


  • Easy to hold for kids and adults
  • Best for launching custom blades
  • Budget-friendly
  • Launches right and left spins
  • Allows you to attach another launcher
  • Works for left-handed players


  • Beys take longer to dislodge from the launcher
  • Other add-ons like beystadiums and tops are sold separately

03. Takara Tomy Beyblade B-123 Long Bey Launcher Set

Why It Stands Out to Us

Unlike the two launchers we have reviewed above, this Beyblade best launcher comes as a set. So, apart from the launcher, you also get other add-ons like a power trigger, launcher grip, extended chip, and Beyblade. And if you already have Z Achilles, you will find this launcher an excellent upgrade.

Our Experience with It

For starters, we really loved this launcher’s grip. We found it very comfortable and steady to grasp. As such, it was easy to make powerful launches. Even better, we loved the trigger it came with, designed to let you put more power into your launch.

Another outstanding feature of this launcher setup is its sturdy pull. After using the string, we felt it was not something that could break off easily. We also found the string to be a little long. This made it easy to launch the blades with so much power.

Assembling this device was easy. We did find the manual that it came with very helpful and easy to understand. Therefore, we feel that even bigger kids above 13 years old can quickly put the launcher together without help.

What We Didn’t Like

It does not come with Z Achilles. You have to buy it separately, and the price of the launcher alone is relatively high.

The launcher only spins to the right. Yet, there are cheaper alternatives that spin both left and right.

Who Is This Great for

Takara Tomy recommends it to kids between 13 and 15 years of age. But because of its excellent grip, adult players can also use it.

What Could Be Improved

The manufacturer should consider making the power trigger sturdier because it feels slightly squeaky.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color Variations: Brown
  • Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 3 inches


  • Built-in trigger for additional grip power
  • Excellent extension for Z Achilles
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Offers powerful blade launch
  • Strong string launcher
  • Works with a wide range of Beyblades


  • A little pricey compared to what it offers
  • Spring inside is not of the best quality

04. BurstLauncher L/R Spin B119 (Blue Launcher)

41deXdCczIL. SL500

Why It Stands Out to Us

This product is the best bey launcher thanks to its two-way wire system. Therefore, you can spin your blades to the left or right for added control. You just change the direction according to Gyro by simply sliding the switch.

Our Experience with It

We were amazed by how easy it was to change the spinning direction. You see, the launcher came with a black-colored converter. So, to change the spin direction, we just slid the converter up for a left spin. And for a proper right spin, we slid the converter down.

Using the launcher, we found that the string did not get stuck as long as we used even force. The string also felt fairly sturdy even after using a bit of extra force to pull it. That said, we don’t recommend using too much strength with the launcher.

This launcher came ready to use right out of the box. The only thing we had to assemble was the Beyblade, which we bought separately.

What We Didn’t Like

We didn’t find the launcher as durable as its competitors, although it is backed by free replacement or refund. The plastic construction looked and felt flimsy.

The product does not offer any grip. So, you don’t get as much control over your launches.

Who Is This Great for

This best bey launcher can be a perfect birthday gift for kids over 8 years. Also, anyone looking for an affordable launcher will appreciate this device.

What Could Be Improved

The overall durability of the launcher should definitely be improved.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color Variations: Blue
  • Dimensions: 5 x 1.6 x 3 inches


  • No assembly required
  • Offers both left and right spin
  • Backed by a comprehensive after-sales service
  • Easy to convert the launcher for left and right spin
  • Solidly built steering lock
  • Well-suited for most Beyblade burst series


  • May not withstand daily abuse from kids
  • Does not include any add-ons but just the launcher

05. Right/Left-Spin Battling String Launcher

51Znkw7TA5S. SL500

Why It Stands Out to Us

If you prefer ripcord over a string launcher, I suggest you get this product. It is perhaps the most powerful Beyblade launcher you will come across for the price. Even better, when you pull it hard, the launcher produces intense sparks for a robust blade launch.

Our Experience with It

Of all our top recommendations, we found this launcher fun to use. This is because the device would produce real sparks when we pulled the rope quickly. And to an extent, the sparks contributed to our superior launches.

We also loved that we could use the launcher to spin both left and right Beyblades. Because of this, we used the device with all the left and right Bey burst battling top series.

Regarding the quality of this product, we found it reasonably good given its price. Like its competitors, the launcher is made of sturdy plastic materials.

Using the ripcord, we felt it could last longer provided it was handled with care. Therefore, you should not pull the string to the end or too hard.

What We Didn’t Like

The launcher is neither by Takara Tomy nor by Hasbro. It is produced by a third-party manufacturer.

The sparks don’t last for very long. On top of that, you must pull the rope quickly to even notice them.

Who Is This Great for

The launcher is best suited for any avid Beyblade player kid. You don’t have to worry about the sparks because they can’t harm your child.

What Could Be Improved

It needs to be more blade types apart from just the bey burst series only.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color Variations: Red
  • Dimensions: 9.64 x 2.75 x 2.36 inches


  • Backed by 24/7 customer service
  • Durable construction for the price
  • Rips very hard to give you powerful launches
  • 30-day worry-free purchase
  • Easy to master how to carefully pull the ripcord
  • Allows for both left and the right spinning


  • Not very long-lasting
  • Launching power could be better

06. Battling String Launcher Sparking Bey Launcher

51qPZhzPLvL. SL500

Why It Stands Out to Us

Most launchers in this review feature both left and right spin. However, this device is specifically a left spin launcher. As such, you will find it an excellent choice for competitive play. You can use it to confuse your opponent when they think you will use a right spin blade instead of left.

Our Experience with It

Like our previous launcher, we discovered that the top part of this device would light up with sparks. This happened every time we pulled the ripcord. We also noticed that the more the sparks were, the faster the launch we made.

In our quest for a durable product, we found this launcher. Made from plastic materials, this unit felt well-built. In fact, we think it can withstand daily abuse from kids 8 years and up. This perhaps explains why the manufacturer offers a 30-day worry-free purchase.

Another thing we liked about this best Beyblade with the launcher is its grip. Because of this, we did feel we had control over our launch. It was also easy to execute a couple of shots and tricks thanks to the unit’s good grip.

What We Didn’t Like

Being a left spin launcher means you cannot use the device with right bey burst series battling tops.

The launcher is manufactured by a third-party manufacturer rather than Takara Tomy or Hasbro.

Who Is This Great for

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for your 8-year-old son or grandson, you can’t go wrong with this launcher. He will love the real sparks the device produces.

What Could Be Improved

Its launch power could be better.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color Variations: Blue
  • Dimensions: 4.33 x 2.75 x 2.37 inches


  • Produces lots of harmless sparks
  • Easy to attach the blade and launch
  • Excellent quality and build for the price
  • Backed by 24/7 customer support
  • Offers superior grip for better balance during launch
  • Ideal for use by both kids and adults


  • Breaks off easily if you pull the cord really hard
  • Only works with left bey burst series

07. BEYBLADE E3630 Burst Turbo Launcher

417KIzoVOIL. SL500

Why It Stands Out to Us

This best launcher for Beyblade stands out because it is built for a more precise blade launch. Even better, we love that it works with Beyblade burst tops designed to spin left and right. Therefore, you can even use it with switchstrike and slingshot tops, which you can buy separately.

Our Experience with It

We loved that this launcher was trigger-activated. As such, we had an easy time getting the most accurate launch. We only had to aim the device above the Bey stadium and engage the power trigger to launch the blade. This was easy. So, even kids ages 8 years and above can use it.

Now, here comes the best part. With this launcher, we also got to participate in digital Beyblade battles via the Beyblade Burst smart app. All we did was scan the code it came with, and the experience was second to none.

Setting up this unit was straightforward. We didn’t even have to use the instructions it came with. It was also easy to load the Beyblade, twist the winder to lock it in place, and release the blade.

What We Didn’t Like

Compared to launchers with a manual cord, this unit does not spin the beys fast enough.

It can be super loud when winding, especially if you are sensitive to noise.

Who Is This Great for

The manufacturer recommends it to children above 8 years old probably because it is a lot of work to wind. In addition, people with physical disabilities will love it since there is no cord to pull.

What Could Be Improved

Most Beyblade players would appreciate it if this launcher was a little faster.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color Variations: Multi-colored
  • Dimensions: 1.75 x 3.5 x 7.75 inches


  • Can launch blades right or left
  • Works as advertised if the red cap is correctly locked
  • Built to offer the most precise launches
  • Easy to handle for younger and older kids
  • Perfect for individuals with physical disabilities
  • Delivery is super-fast


  • Launches with slow speeds
  • You have to buy all the add-ons separately

How to Use a Beyblade Launcher?

You need first to assemble your Beyblade and the stadium. Then, place the ripcord into the Beyblade launcher and the blade into the launcher. Make sure the blade is locked softly to prevent it from falling off.

How to Use a Beyblade Launcher

Next, hold your Beyblade launcher right on top of the stadium. After that, pull the ripcord to launch your blade. But if using a trigger-activated launcher, you don’t need to insert a ripcord. You just move the switch on the launcher either to the right or left for a quick launch.

How do I Use the Takara Tomy Launcher?

If it’s a standard right spin Takara Tomy launcher, you first insert the ripcord in the back end. Next, place your Beyblade on top of the round slot on your launcher.

You will notice the slot has two prongs. Then, twist the blade to lock it and pull the ripcord for blade launching.

FAQs Regarding Beyblade Launchers

In this section, you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the best bey launcher. Check them out.

FAQs Regarding Beyblade Launchers

Q. Do You Need a Launcher for Beyblade?

Answer: Yes, you do. While you can launch your Beyblade with your hand, a launcher works better. Do you know why? It’s because a launcher allows for more powerful launches and tricks. Besides, most launchers are built to be safe for kids and are easy to use.

Q. Are light launchers good?

Answer: Yes, they are. If you are new to playing Beyblades, you will find light launchers good enough for learning how to launch blades. These launchers are easier to aim and release compared to Bey launchers.

Even better, they are easy to use for young kids. You just need to insert a ripcord, which you can pull to launch the blade.

Q. What is a proto launcher?

Answer: It is considered one of the smallest and weakest launchers that Takara Tomy ever released. As such, you can hardly use it to launch your beys. Compared to other launchers, it has few clicks and a terrible design.

Although it might appear useless, the proto launcher is effective on left spin beys. It can provide you with a soft launch for slow bursting your opponent.

Q. What launcher does Shu use?

Answer: He does not use just one type of launcher but several. These include the BeyLauncher, BeyLauncher LR, Superking BeyLauncher, Superking BeyLauncher L, and BeyLogger V2.

But currently, he uses the custom BeyLauncher LR and the Launcher Grip. This is because he is comfortable making either a right or left-handed launch.

Q. Can Takara Tomy launcher work with Hasbro Beyblades?

Answer: Yes, because the Takara Tomy launcher has the same prongs as Hasbro Beyblades. However, a right spin launcher from Takara Tomy can only work with a right spin Hasbro blade. Meanwhile, if the blades are built to spin left and right, your launcher should have the same design.

However, some Hasbro Beyblade series may not work with the Takara Tommy launcher. You will find that they will fall because of the launcher being too big.

Q. How to assemble a Beyblade launcher?

Answer: At the far end of one of the launcher’s housing, you will see a hole. The hole is different from the screw holes. Place the pin included with the package into the hole. Then, get the locking arm and spring and insert them into the pin.

While holding the locking arm in place, place the top housing over. Lastly, get the three screws the launcher comes with and secure the unit.

Q. How can I make Beyblade spin faster?

Answer: You simply make the Beyblade heavy. Because the heavyweight will force the blade to gain more rpm or rotation per minute. But for the best results, the blade must be small in diameter. As for the weight, most of it should be concentrated around the center part.

Q. How to fix the Beyblade launcher?

Answer: You start by disassembling the launcher by removing all the screws using a screwdriver. Inside, you will spot a spring that you must reset to fix your launcher. Simply twist the spring counterclockwise up to 8 times while the string is in place. Once done, put everything back together.

Wrapping Up

Did you know that the Beyblade launcher you choose will have a massive influence on the game result? For this reason, you cannot just buy the first unit you come across. You need to consider factors like the grip, direction of spin, compatibility, and material of the launcher before making your purchase.

So, what is the best Beyblade launcher? The Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-88 Bey Launcher LR Toy is our top pick. We love that it can spin both to the right and left. In addition, it offers a very robust launch and is easy to fix if the string gets stuck.

Alternatively, you can consider the BEYBLADE String Launcher Tops if you are on a tight budget.

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