How Does a Studor Vent Work? 6 FAQs And Answers

Have you ever seen your bathtub, shower, or water taps gurgling or bubbling? You may have wondered why it's happening.

Sometimes you can also get some malodor from your bathroom sink. This may happen if your vent pipe gets clogged or locked up.

 And when your venting pipe gets locked up for any reason, this will not allow air to enter into the sewer line. So, What about Having a Studor Vent? and 

How Does a Studor Vent Work?

So, What about Having a Studor Vent? How Does a Studor Vent Work?

We'll look for these answers in this article. Basically the imbalance of air in the sewer system causes negative pressure, and that's when the system needs external air to equalize the pressure.

And a venting pipe balances the air pressure in the sewer line when there is no water flow by allowing the outside air into the sewer line.

But Why Should You Use a Studor Vent When You Can Use a Venting Pipe? 

Why Should You Use a Studor Vent When You Can Use a Venting Pipe?

In most houses, you will see a passive venting pipe that goes through the roof. And installation of that venting pipe can be very costly and will require roof penetration. So if you want your roof undamaged and save the extra cost of installing a vent pipe, then you will need a Studor vent that will ensure the perfect balance of air in the plumbing drainage system.

Or suppose there is no place in the kitchen from where a vent pipe can go through. What is the solution in that case? Yes, A Studor Vent is the solution. This smaller vent tool will make sure that your water in the plumbing system flows smoothly and will prevent the bad smell of sewer gas.

But How Does a Studor Vent Work?

But How Does a Studor Vent Work?

Studor Vent, commonly known as Air Admittance Valves (AAVs), is a negative pressure-activated one-way vent. It is basically used in a drainage system to balance the air pressure inside.

When there is a water flow in the sewer system, the water needs to flow smoothly. Otherwise, it will be stuck somewhere in the drainage system. But when you have a studor vent installed, you will not have to worry about the water flowing. Because this one-way vent will open up to allow air inside the plumbing pipe for smooth water flow.

But What Makes the Studor Open Up? 

But What Makes the Studor Open Up?

When the water flows inside the sewer system, it creates a negative pressure or suction of air that helps the studor vent to open up. And the Air Admittance Valves locks up immediately when the suction stops.

There will be air and sewer gas in your drain system that smells pretty bad when there is no water flow. As the studor vent closes while there is no negative pressure due to water flow, it will not allow the malodor to come inside the house. That's how it can save you from smelling the sewer gas in your house.

So many people still stick to traditional venting pipes in the doubt of breaking the studor vent. They always have the doubt in their mind that- 

What Will I Do if the Studor Vent Goes Bad?

The answer is very simple. You will have to swap it with a new one if the previous one breaks or gets clogged. To do that, you must keep the studor vent somewhere in the house where you can get access for changing to a new one.

In that case, you can make a box in the wall or under your kitchen sink or wherever you need just to ensure that you can change the AAVs at any time.

The Studor AAVs Failure Rate Is Not High Enough To Get Worried. 

In terms of studor vent, there is barely a chance of it going bad. Because the entire Studor valve is tested several times before it leaves the factory. So you will not have to worry about the maintenance after you install one.

Remember, people who have no place to install an outside vent that goes through the roof and find it costly, choose to use a studor vent for their venting solution. So if there is no other way without using a studor vent, you must be prepared about changing the AAV after it gets spoiled.

The Studor AAVs Failure Rate Is Not High Enough To Get Worried.

Also, people who don't want to use multiple vent pipes running through their roof, use Studor Vent. Because when you use a studor Air Admittance Valves, a single vent pipe can do the venting job perfectly.

Final Words

A Studor vent works very simply. When the water flows through the sewer or drain system, it creates negative pressure that opens up the AAV to allow air inside the sewer system for smooth water flow. And when the water stops flowing through the pipe, the gravity closes the Studor vent to prevent the sewer gas from going into your house through the vent.

I hope, this article has enriched you in both information and knowledge on how does a studor vent work. For more, you can further read our article about installing a studor vent.

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