Good day. This is Craig Eaton. My friends like to call me the home expert because I love spending most of my time in my home, garden, lawn, and yard.

I am a lawn and gardener enthusiast who pursued organic farming as a career. 

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Just like many, I find gardening very comforting and fulfilling. Although gardening seems to be a very simple task, it involves dedication, passion, and the right tools to achieve the best results.

At slackylife.com, I share guides, advice, ideas, experiences, problems, solutions, and the best tools for home improvement, kitchen, and gardening. Every part of my shares helps you as a real friend.

My recommended tools are not just great for your home and gardening activities but also safe to use and cost-effective. In addition, these often are all tested for their quality and functionality.

In addition to any recommendations, I share different/alternative ways to choose the best picks with you with many buying guides and specific reviews.